I'm happy to announce my Patreon page is up and running! I'll be posting new songs, brief video check-ins and livestream shows plus offering an online workshop and custom song level where I write and record a tailor made song for the person or occasion of your choice. Patreon is a great way to keep the new material coming and stay in direct contact with those who want to be the first to hear it. I've been thinking about some additional content too like demos of songs that were recorded by other artists and interviews and duets with friends like Edwin McCain and Will Kimbrough. All suggestions welcome.

You can check it out at

I hope you're all staying strong through this strange brew of Groundhog Day meets sweeping changes.

Thanks for listening,

Online Shows

I'm starting to find my online show groove...this week I'll be sharing a virtual Writers In the Round with The Accidentals, May Erlewine and Anna Tivel for TIME OUT. Next week: Facebook Live on the SongwritingWith:Soldiers FB page where I'll play songs written at those transformatively meaningful retreats. Check TOUR DATES for details of those shows

I'll also be throwing in some weekend Instagram Live and FB live shows (solo and with friends). Please keep an eye out at my IG @maiasharpmusic and FB @maiasharp.

It's a new day but it doesn't have to keep us from sharing some music.

Thanks, friends!

New Times, New State of Mind

Hi Friends,
I know everyone is saying it these days but it's worth repeating...I hope you're all staying healthy, relatively sane and maybe even productive. Those are all challenging missions right now so don't beat yourself up if you're not 3 for 3.

So far I'm managing the sane part but the healthy part didn't go my way a few weeks ago. I got a sinus infection, then pneumonia and, with that diagnosis, the Covid test which came back (12 days later) positive. That's not what I meant when I told myself to stay positive. It was miserable but I'm the other side of it now well out of the contagious window and well past the time when I could have given it to any contacts pre-isolation. I was saved by friends who became porch fairies dropping off groceries, a prescription, homemade chicken soup and even warm chocolate chip cookies. Huge love and thanks to my porch fairies and so many other friends and family members near and far who checked in daily. I felt like hell but I felt loved (that might be a song).

I'm getting the productive part going again now. I mentioned in my last post that I was in the studio...the album is done and mixed and just waiting for a good time to release it with a tour to follow. For obvious reasons I'm waiting to see when that can happen safely.

In the meantime I'll be doing some shows online starting with Shut In and Sing THIS SATURDAY April 4. Just go to to get signed up for your ticket.

I'll be doing more online shows in the coming weeks. Check my instagram @maiasharpmusic, twitter @maiasharp or FB @maiasharp for announcements.

Thanks and please stay well!



I'm in the studio right now finishing up a new album. Release date and tour details coming soon...

In the meantime, I have a few shows coming up including one with Her Badassery, Bonnie Raitt.

Check TOUR DATES for the inside scoop.

Here's to 2020,


The latest single from our upcoming EP
Blessings, Curses, Anchors & Wings
is out now!

Written with Gabe Dixon and Park Chisolm, "Burn" takes the notion that sometimes you miss the tangible, analog, old school, whatever you want to call it, of holding a letter in your hand even if it is just so you can burn it.

And join us for our EP release party in Los Angeles at Hotel Cafe Thursday October 17. Roscoe & Etta and Friends will be on the main stage from 9 - 11
with special guests Garrison Starr, PJ Pacifico, Amy Kuney and Haleigh Bowers.

Hope to see you there!



Blessings, Curses, Anchors & Wings, the follow up release from Roscoe & Etta, is coming soon!

Our first single "Get Lost" is available NOW to stream and purchase.

And watch the video HERE

Check TOUR DATES for a show near you where we will have the new EP (and other cool new merch)
Hope you enjoy it!


The debut album from Roscoe & Etta (my duo with fellow LA songwriter, Anna Schulze) is out now and we made vinyl! We like to say "vinylly" because it's the first time either one of us ever went licorice. BTW, I still think Licorice Pizza is the best record store name ever.

Feel free to challenge me with other names I may not have heard.

You can get it HERE
or go to to order directly from us.

We're formulating the next chapter now with more tunes and live dates coming soon.

Hope you enjoy,

Roscoe & Etta

Roscoe & Etta are the cranky old guitars on which my collaborator, Anna Schulze and I wrote the songs for our upcoming "self-titled" release Roscoe & Etta. We've been writing, recording, refining, roughing it up, digging in deep and zooming out wide for the last few months
and it's all about to break free from the hard drives.

Two songs are out now:
"Broken Headlights"
"You Already Know"

Summer and Fall shows are filling in fast. CHECK DATES to see if we're coming through your part of the country.

We're proud of the work and of ourselves for recognizing that our different backgrounds, influences and production styles
compliment each other so well that, even though you'll still hear echoes of what we do individually,
Roscoe & Etta is a whole new animal.

Hope to see you out there,


This year marks the 20th anniversary of my debut album Hardly Glamour and its first single "I Need This To Be Love" so I decided to give it a new life for its birthday. I took a few of the original signature tracks and added some brand new ones including real strings, drums and a 2017 lead vocal that actually sounds like me now. Not that there's anything wrong with the "scared androgynous kid who may have a cold" thing I was going for back in '97. I hope you enjoy it. Here are 2 easy ways to do that right now:

Written by: Maia Sharp & Mark Addison. Performed by: Mark Addison, Daris Adkins, Vanessa Freebairn-Smith, Fritz Lewak and Maia.
Produced by Mark Addison with additional production by Maia
Photography: Sharon Bays. Mix & Art Direction: Randy Sharp.
Mastered by Yes Master Studios.

WCLZ & East Coast Dates

Coming up:

Friday, April 21 at Pierce's Inn with Catie Curtis
in beautiful Etna, NH.

Saturday, April 22 at August with special guest Sophie B Hawkins in Philadelphia, PA (SOLD OUT)

Sunday, April 23 at One Longfellow Square with Catie Curtis
in Portland, ME

WCLZ listeners, keep an ear out for the download of the week April 17 - 21!
It's the 20th anniversary of my first single "I Need this To Be Love" (I can't believe it) so I revamped, resang, remixed and mastered it to give it a whole new life in 2017.
It will also be available for sale very soon. I'll check back with a link when it's official.


Happy New Year!

I hope your 2017 is starting off well. Mine is shaping up to be workshop friendly. Coming up Saturday, March 25 Catie Curtis and I will hold a workshop at The Down Home in Johnson City, TN from 11am-3pm then play a show that night at 8pm. For more information visit The Down Home.

In the meantime, NYU is officially accepting applications now for the 2017 Summer Songwriter's Workshop taught by Phil Galdston, Barry Eastmond and me. It's an intensive two week program June 19 - 30. For more information visit the Summer Songwriter's Workshop.

More dates to come...

Greenville Show and Workshop

Join Edwin McCain and me
for a live show and workshop one-two punch.
Friday January 6 at 7:30pm we'll trade songs and stories in the intimate setting of Genvieve's.
Then Saturday, January 7 from 10:30am - 5:30pm, bring your original songs to the
Songwriter's Workshop to be constructively reviewed and discussed. We'll also talk through some FAQs and any other Qs you may have about the craft or business of songwriting.
Both of these events will take place at the Peace Center in Greenville, SC.

"Come Out Virginia...

...Don't let me wait"...I'll let you fill in the rest. I'm heading to Virginia and Maryland soon to meet up with my talented friend Catie Curtis for a string of co-bill shows:

Thursday, Nov 17 - Jammin Java - Vienna VA
Friday, Nov 18 - Tin Pan - Richmond VA
Saturday, Nov 19 - Harris Creek Acoustic - Hampton VA
email for reservations
Sunday, Nov 20 - Historic Coopers House - Columbia, MD

If you're in the area come out and join us!

Anytime, Autumn, we're waiting

I'm back home after a great weekend of shows, introductions and reconnections at the Island Hopper Songwriter Fest in Captiva, FL. iHeart Media and BMI (thank you, Dan Spears) got together to put on this unique event where song fans and the songwriters themselves between gigs can walk up and down the beach and catch as many shows as they feel like seeing. It's like a music cruise without the Dramamine. I got to meet and hear so many cool writers like Aaron Barker, who was just inducted into the songwriter Hall of Fame, and reconnect with past co-writers like Marshall Altman, Billy Montana and Ruthie Collins. We're all going a mile a minute most of the year so it's nice to be in a neutral spot with a little time to catch up and make plans to write again. Even after seeing a stingray 3 feet off the shore, learning that many alligators aren't afraid of humans (because the dumbest amongus feed them by/their hand) and being feasted on by Noseeums, I truly enjoyed my Florida weekend. THAT'S how good the songs and people were.

October is supposed to bring a change of seasons but here in Los Angeles that's just not happening yet. I landed to a stifling 103 degree day. Does anyone still really think global warming is a hoax? If a breeze could please kick up and a leaf could please turn here and there that would be helpful for the month of writing I'm planning.

Then November brings four shows with Catie Curtis through VA and MD and some of our favorite venues. Please check the TOUR DATES for more details.

I'd tell you to look out for the Noseeums but as the name implies, that doesn't help. Hope to see you in November.


August is a no fly zone

After a string of crazy 3000 mile turnarounds I get to walk (around anytime I want with no seat belt sign in sight) on Terra Firma for the entire month of August. Doesn't sound like a big deal but my lower back is already celebrating. So after a month of writing and finishing up production on 3 new Edwin McCain songs (co-produced with Linda Taylor) I'll be looking at that seat belt sign again heading to Fort Myers, Florida...

The Island Hopper Songwriter Fest kicks off September 23 - 25 on Captiva Island. That's where I'll be held happily captiva with a long list of great songwriters and performers. The music, stories and drinks with little umbrellas will be flowing all weekend.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer,

Back in Cali

It's good to be back...for a minute. The NYU Summer Songwriter Workshop was host to 42 talented songwriters once again, some of whom are squeezing into the photo on the left. I came back energized by the participants and my fellow faculty Phil Galdston and Barry Eastmond (also pictured) and plagued by the morphing medley in my mind of all the great songs that were written there over the last two weeks. Next is San Luis Obispo, Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire...It's a lot of miles but worth it to hit these choice spots:

Sunday, July 10 -San Luis Obispo Gay Pride- The Mission Plaza in SLO
Saturday, July 16 -Many Mothers Maine Festival- Caswell Farm in Gray, ME
Friday, July 29 -Catie Curtis and Maia Sharp- TCAN Center for the Arts in Natick, MA
Saturday, July 30 - Maia Sharp solo acoustic performance - Pierce's in Etna, NH

Hope to see you out there!

Summer Shows and NYU

Here comes June and with her, another Summer Songwriter Workshop season at NYU with my talented co-professors Phil Galdston and Barry Eastmond. It's one thing to do something every day and a completely other thing to talk about how (and why) you do it. I always look forward to the challenge and the two weeks in New York city. If all goes well I'll have time to catch Sara Bareilles' play "Waitress" while I'm there where I'm sure I'll be inspired and jealous all at once.

Then I get to come home to some select Summer shows:
Saturday, June 25 - The California Saga: A Musical Journey of the California Sound - El Rey Theatre in LA
Hosted by KCSN's Jim Nelson - Proceeds go to The Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation, Tree People, The Beauty Bus, Project Play and The Rescue train
Sunday, July 10 - San Luis Obispo Gay Pride - The Mission Plaza in SLO
Saturday, July 16 - Many Mothers Maine Festival - Caswell Farm in Gray, ME
Friday, July 29 - Catie Curtis and Maia Sharp - TCAN Center for the Arts in Natick, MA

Hope to see you out there!

Live at The Loft EP and upcoming shows

Mike Marrone at Sirius XM was kind enough to let us walk with the raw tracks of our live session for The Loft recorded October 20, 2015. Our favorite six have been remixed by Linda Taylor and mastered by Yes Master (great name). I'm playing acoustic and porch board. Linda is playing acoustic or electric (in one case, both thanks to the wonders of technology...and yes, it's really live).

Hope you enjoy...

My talented friend, Catie Curtis and I are teaming up again for a few shows coming soon to a theater (hopefully) near you:
April 30- Private show to benefit Brother Wolf No Kill Shelter - email for reservations and details

Springing Forward

We start a new run of dates next Sunday but we hit the ground with some catching up to do...first we lose the usual 3 hours flying west to east then immediately, it's Daylight Savings Time and we lose another hour. So friends, remember when you wake up on the 13th, you're already late...

Hope to see you!

Sweet '16

After Dashing through the Dates from October to just last week, we're regrouping to get ready for what promises to be a helluva night at the Valley Performing Arts Center in Northridge, CA on February 22. I have the honor of being Bonnie Raitt's special guest along with my band which includes drummer Fritz Lewak, bassist JV Collier, keyboardist Jeff Young, vocalist Arnold McCuller and of course my co-producer and band member in any configuration, Linda Taylor.

Then we're back out in March covering some ground in Annapolis, Alexandria (with Lizz Wright), Akron, Pittsburgh and upstate NY. Check TOUR DATES for details.

Losing David Bowie and Glenn Frey was a sorrowful start to the year. Both of them contributed so much to the world, musically and otherwise and neither were finished doing so. Here's to '16 getting sweeter starting now...

The Road and Reconnections

Our first two tours for The Dash Between the Dates definitely lived up to the name. We never stopped. Over the last few weeks we played many old haunts, added some new ones to the fave list, shared the stage with friends like Catie Curtis and Gabe Dixon, reconnected with childhood friends who came out to those shows (awesome) and, of course, drove and/or flew hours in between. All worth it. Live performances from Maine to California were peppered with radio shows like Daytrotter, Sirius Loft, WXRV's River Music Hall, Studio M at WMMM, Studio 92 at WTTS and KINK's Skype Lounge. Exhale...

We may be back in Cali but we're not done yet. Linda and I will be playing Live in the Vines presented by KRML in Carmel, CA this Saturday December 12. The show kicks off at 7:00pm with Casey Frazier, then us followed by my talented friend Greg Holden and all of it surrounded by barrels and barrels of wine. Get all the details at TOUR DATES above.

I hope you're enjoying the new album and if you don't have a copy of your very own yet you can get it now on Amazon or iTunes.

Have a great week!

And we're off!

Our run from Portland, ME to Burlington, WI was two weeks of concentrated goodness. We visited five fabulous Triple A radio stations (included WTMD in Baltimore, MD pictured here) and played eight shows with a few crazy drives in between. Linda and I don't idle well so this was the right way to play it.

We get this week to collect ourselves before heading out again for another string of dates starting in Nashville, TN on Tuesday, November 3 where we're helping Lightning 100 celebrate their 25th Birthday at 3rd & Lindsley with Gabe Dixon and The Saint Johns!
Click here to get tickets.

More dates are posting all the time. Hope to see you out there!

Coming to a theater near you...

Tickets are on sale now for a sweet swath of dates between Portland, ME and Burlington, WI. Are we coming to a theater near you?

Fri, Oct 16 - One Longfellow Square - Portland, ME GET TICKETS

Sat, Oct 17 - Milton Arts Center - Milton, MA GET TICKETS

Sun, Oct 18 - Custer's Last Stand - Ringwood, NJ MAKE RESERVATIONS

Wed, Oct 21 - Tin Angel - Philadelphia, PA GET TICKETS

Thurs, Oct 22 - Club Cafe - Pittsburgh, PA GET TICKETS

Fri, Oct 23 - The HiFi - Indianapolis, IN GET TICKETS

Sat, Oct 24 - The Coffeehouse at Chestnut & Pine - Burlington, WI MORE INFO

I'll have Linda Taylor with me as well as the new album The Dash Between the Dates which hits the street October 16.
Hope to see you out there!

"Radio" on the radio

We had a great week at Triple A Radio with the new single "Nothing But the Radio." The following stations are playing it now..


And you can get it on iTunes here!

Hope you enjoy,

Nothing But the Radio

"Nothing But the Radio," the first single from my new album The Dash Between the Dates is now available! The full album comes out October 16 on eOne Records with tour dates filling in all around. Please keep an eye out for TOUR DATES or sign up for the mailing list and we'll let you know when we're coming to your neighborhood. I promise you will only hear about release dates and shows local to you...with no added fillers or preservatives.

Click here to go to iTunes and find out!

Hope it makes you want to dance,

Mastering the Art

Literally. The new album has just been skillfully mastered by Yes Master. We are right on track for an October 16 release on eOne Records (everywhere physical and digital music is sold). Let the promotion begin and soon, after all the pictures have been taken, I can eat carbs again! It's the little things.

Tours will precede and follow the release through many of our favorite haunts from Portland, ME to Atlanta, GA to Burlington, WI to Berkeley, CA. Don't worry I didn't route all of those together. Just trying to show the coverage...we are getting up and down and over and all around. Check TOUR DATES for details.

Teasers and an official title coming soon!

May the Fourth Be With You

I know, I know, I'm a dork but I'm a dork that happened to be six when the first Star Wars movie showed up so it's not really my fault. I was also a little kid for Jaws, Piranha and Alligator which combined, kept me out of most bodies of water until I was about twenty. Fortunately there was no movie called "The Tour Monster" or I don't know what I'd be doing now.

I can't wait to be Bonnie Raitt's special guest May 16 at Harrah’s Casino in Laughlin, NV, May 19 at the Bakersfield Fox and May 20 at the Gallo Center in Modesto, CA. Click on the links for tix or go to Linda Taylor and I will be bringing our duo mojo to open the shows and then we get to see Bonnie and her band blow 'em away every night. It never gets old.

In June, Linda and I head east for shows in NJ, NY and Maine (check TOUR DATES for details) before I co-prof another Songwriter Workshop Summer Session at NYU and Linda flies off to London for another round of Whose Line Is It Anyway. And somewhere in all of this we're finishing up my new album still on track for a September release with extensive touring to follow.

Thanks and Happy Star Wars Day!
I know.

The Four Album Bundle

Happy New Year everyone!

The Holiday Bundle season has come and gone but offering these four albums together proved to be too popular to be squelched by the turning of a calendar page. So, my latest four albums, Change the Ending, Echo, Fine Upstanding Citizen and Eve & the Red Delicious ($55 total when purchased separately) are still only $40 when you get them all at once.
My new album is still on track for a mid '15 release and a tour to follow.
Details coming soon...

August Heats Up...

...and ushers in a string of fun shows. I'll be at the Frogstop House Concert near San Diego CA Saturday, August 16 with my band, Linda Taylor. The next week I'll join my co-conspirators AG and Garrison Starr for a short but sweet midwest run. Thursday, August 21 we'll be at SPACE in Evanston IL, Friday, August 22 in Burlington WI for their Tall Tales Music Festival and Sunday, August 24 at the Long Grove, IL Arts and Music Council. Looking forward to all of it!

Home For a Minute

We did it. We got from Portland, ME to Atlanta, GA without bodily or ego injury. I won't lie though, it was intense. Every day brought a 7 - 9 hour drive to the next show, set up, sound check, performance, tear down, drive some more, sleep, wake up and do it again. 11 times. It's nice to get a minute at home. The double dog walk duty and extra domestica I'm doing to pay back for being gone and forward for the next tour are welcomed. No problem as long as I don't have to get in the car.

And just like that, Garrison, AG and I will get out there again for a couple of Midwest shows that promise to be well worth the trip. If you're in or near Burlington, WI Friday, June 13 get yourself to the Coffee House at Chestnut & Pine. If you're picturing 3 tables with a tiny PA in the corner that can't compete with the grinder, you are sadly mistaken. It's an expansive listening area with food, drink and a nightly staple of good humans. Then, Saturday the 14th we're heading to Indianapolis to play their annual Pride Festival. And all with our new self titled album in tow that includes six acoustic based songs reflective of what you hear live plus a new individual song from each of us PLUS an AG remix of our first trio co-write, “Anchor Me Down.”

Click on the link above to hear the tune and TOUR DATES above that for more details.


A, G & Me

An Evening With Maia Sharp, AG and Garrison Starr is hitting the road again in May to play our favorite haunts from Portland, Maine to Atlanta, Georgia and this time we'll have our first collaborative album with us all finished up and ready to share. It includes six acoustic based songs reflective of what you'll hear live plus a new individual song from each of us and an AG remix of our first trio co-write,“Anchor Me Down.”Mixed, mastered and occasionally electrified by Linda Taylor this one is different than anything we do apart. It will only be available LIVE so we hope you can come hang out with us.

Check TOUR DATES above for details.


New York, New Jersey, New Tunes

Soon I'll be headed out of the Old West to New York and New Jersey (I know the terms are historically inaccurate) for a week of shows and musical adventures as I try out a couple new songs on my unsuspecting audiences. I need to see what flies or falls before I officially put them on my upcoming EP due out in May.

But first, Sunday March 2 I'm leading a very small songwriter's workshop in West Milford, NJ. Email me at for more details. As of now there are only 2 spots left of 10. A good time will be had by all.

Then Tuesday, March 4 I'm joining my talented pals Gary Burr, Georgia Middleman and Marcus Hummon for a writers-in-the-round called “Nashville to New York” at the Cutting Room in NYC. (LA just gets no respect).

But that's not all...Friday, March 7 I'll be co-headlining with my long time friend and collaborator Kim Richey at the Historic Blairstown Theatre in Blairstown, NJ. It's a beautifully restored 200 seat theater just over an hour from NYC. And then, Sunday March 9 Kim and I head to Beacon, NY to play one of my favorite haunts, the Towne Crier Cafe.

More shows are coming soon. Please check TOUR DATES for the latest.

Hope to see you out there!

Austin and East

I'm flying to Austin next week to mess with Texas, write some songs, record those songs and perform at "Relish" benefiting the Flatwater Foundation. They provide families access to mental health support while coping with a cancer diagnosis...yeah, that was an easy yes. Pat Hazell, Mike MacRea and Tom McTigue are also performing for this evening of music and humor (and I'm bringing a surprise guest...not telling) Wednesday January 29th at Frank's at 4th & Colorado.

Then hopefully the east coast weather will let up in time for this Californian to spend a friendly Spring-like week there in early March. I'll be leading a small workshop in West Milford, NJ (right down the road from Music at the Mission) Sunday March 2nd from 1pm - 5pm. We'll listen to and discuss each other's tunes, talk about the process, the biz, the triumphs, the tragedies...I know, that's a little dramatic but it will be a fun day chock full of good information. For more details and a reservation (space is very limited) email me at

Tuesday March 4, I'll be in the round with friends Gary Burr, Georgia Middleman and Marcus Hummon at the Cutting Room in NYC for the "Nashville to New York Songwriter's Night" and later that week I'll be sharing the bill with my long time collaborator and pal, Kim Richey for a show at the Historic Blairstown Theater in Blairstown, NJ.

More dates are filling in to TOUR DATES above. Hope to see you out there!


Rounding the Corner

I hope everyone is off to a good '14.

After a week of making rather merry, I'm taking an Alka Seltzer and getting back on track with a trip to Austin to write with my long time friend and collaborator, Mark Addison. Mark and my first co-write together was also a first cut for both of us. It was called "Don't Come Around Here Tonight" and Cher recorded it in 1996 (on the album just before the album that sold a squillion copies. So it goes).

Then the live action picks up in March with a week in New York and New Jersey. While I'm there, I'm leading a small workshop, 10 people max, with tons of information, song critiques and a willingness to go down whatever road the Q&A may take us. It'll be Sunday March 2. More details to come.

In the meantime, Garrison Starr, Adrianne Gonzalez and I have been in the studio this week to make sure we have a new EP with us for our string of live dates in May. We'll be getting up early to make some of those drives that take us through Boston, Portland, the Bronx, Hampton (VA), Montclair (NJ), Pittsburgh, Nashville, Asheville and Atlanta. TOUR DATES are still filling in. Check it above for details.

Hope to see you out there!

Holiday Bundle and "Coming Out For Christmas"

The Holiday Bundle is back and it brought company! My latest 4 albums, Change the Ending, Echo, Fine Upstanding Citizen and Eve & the Red Delicious ($55 total any other time of year) are now only $40 until January 1 and this year when you buy the bundle, you or whomever you designate will instantly receive an iTunes gift of the new Crystal Bowersox single "Coming out For Christmas" which I co-wrote with Crystal and co-produced with Linda Taylor.

Click Here to Buy The Bundle

If you only wish to buy the new Crystal Bowersox Christmas song you will find it here waiting under the iTree..."Coming Out For Christmas" on iTunes

Hope you enjoy,

Coming Out For Christmas

American Idol finalist, Crystal Bowersox is in the holiday spirit and has chosen, as she does all year, to love not judge with "Coming Out For Christmas." I co-write this one with my new friend Crystal and co-produced it with long time friend and musical comrade Linda Taylor. I'm proud of our team and anxious to see how this is received. I think lovers and judgers alike will agree that Crystal sang the living sleigh bells out of it.

Given its Christmas theme, it only gets a few weeks at the ball before it turns into a pumpkin so let us know what you think!

Available now on iTunes

Fall East Trio Tour

Georgia, North Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Virginia...what do all these states have in common? An Evening with Maia Sharp, Garrison Starr and AG. And that's probably the only thing but it's a good one. Garrison, Adrianne and I set out to bring our high energy harmonyriffic round to a big swath of the east and southeast October 12 - 20. Click TOUR DATES above for all the details.

Hope to see you!


NYU, MT and writing with CB

I promised I wouldn't fall behind on my updates and here I am a month later. It's been a good month though...I had a rich and rewarding experience as visiting faculty at NYU's Summer Songwriter Workshop joining the very talented and professorial Phil Galdston and Barry Eastmond. We had a particularly good batch of 21 songwriters who wrote and performed as we nurtured, discussed and critiqued. This intensive 6 days culminated in 2 days of recording with New York's top call players and its madly skillful engineer, Mario McNulty. A day later I was on to Big Sky, MT, 2200 miles away from NYC both literally and culturally, for a BMI sponsored performance in front of the Montana Broadcaster's Association. Big Sky is beautiful and even after a few drinks the conventioneers still listened respectfully. When I wasn't on a plane I had the good fortune of writing and recording with Crystal Bowersox. Great singer, writer and all around human. I'm looking forward to more.

Now it's time to gear up for another west coast run at the end of the month. We hope to see you in Santa Rosa, Gig Harbor or Portland. Hit TOUR DATES above for details.
Thanks for checking in,

photos: (above) with Crystal and Linda
(below) NYU and Flying home out from Bozeman. Even the airports are pretty in Montana.


From Missouri to Maine and back to Cali

I've covered some miles over the last few weeks, from Missouri to Maine, and I managed to find a good blend of familiar favorites and new markets along the way. Thanks to Burlington WI, Madison WI, Pittsburgh PA, Philly, the Bronx and Portland ME for continuing to support and never making me feel like I've worn out my welcome. And to Warrensburg MO, Yorkville IL, Indianapolis IN, Deep Gap NC and Chatham NJ for showing up on my first time through. The next adventure will be as part of a semi-annual songwriter trio show with Garrison Starr and Adrianne Gonzalez as we make a run up and down California June 4 - 9. See TOUR DATES above for all the details. We follow the writers-in-the-round format trading songs (and the ocassional barb) but, unlike many rounds, we all sing and play on each other's songs making it feel more like a band show where the energy never lets up.

Hope to see you out there, Cali.




For my birthday yesterday I gave myself the gift of burning lungs, wobbly legs and total triumph when my triathlon relay partners and I managed to kick some butt under the Arroyo Grande sun. Meg swam a very cold, nautical mile in Lake Lopez, Tash cycled 25 miles through hills and valleys and I ran 6 miles making sure to stay on the path so if I collapsed someone would find me eventually. There was no drowning, no crashing and no fainting and the icing on the survivors' cake was that we BEAT the 21 year olds stationed next to us in the transition area. They were very nice but, yeah, that just happened.

Back to music...Linda Taylor and I filmed another live duo performance, this time with special guest Snuffy Walden on slide guitar. It's a brand new song called "Nothing But the Radio On" and, as of now, you can only see it here or live. Check TOUR DATES above for the live schedule. We'll be in the midwest in April, in the east in May and summer dates are filling in now.

Hope to see you out there!


Change the Ending Duo Performance Video

We're back from our all too short five city run with Bonnie Raitt. Bonnie was gracious enough to sit in with me on my set and then ask me to sit in with her and her band. Amazing. I'll be drawing from that ego well for a while (I promise not to be a jerk about it).

March brings more California shows before we start flying around again in April and May for a big batch of midwest and east coast dates. See TOUR DATES above for all the details. I'll be a duo for most of these with guitarist, Linda Taylor and you can see a sample of our duo mojo thanks to Snuffy Walden, Taylor Made Studios and Keep Your Soul Productions who invited us to come over and film a couple songs. This is Change The Ending, the second single and title cut from the new album.

Click Here to hear the full production, radio version as you watch the lyric video, which follows the silent movie theme of the first single, Me After You .


February with Bonnie

I'm excited to say that my cohorts (Linda Taylor,Vanessa Freebairn-Smith) and I get to be the special guest of Bonnie Raitt and her band for a string of west coast and southwest shows starting February 14 in Long Beach, CA and winding through Indio, Mesa, Las Vegas and San Diego. For tickets go to Bonnie is a treat and an inspiration all wrapped up into one little sexy package.

Hope to see you out there!


Home for the Holidays and No Fairy Tale

I just got back from a sweet run in the midwest with my singer/songwriter comrade, AG. Wow, we were lucky. No typically brutal winter there to put our SUV in a ditch or to inspire our potential attendees to say, "yeah, no." And we pushed it...December in Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan. Seriously, that's just plain good luck. The shows were lots of fun and the hang was great.

Speaking of great hangs, Lisa Loeb is slyly funny and relentlessly cool. She just put the last song we wrote together on her new album No Fairy Tale and then made it the title track. It's available now for pre order on Amazon (to be officially released January 29, 2013) and it's just aching for you to download the single, also "No Fairy Tale" on iTunes . The whole album is smart, self deprecating and fearless and I'm proud to be a part of it. Don't forget, the Holiday Bundle deal is still on through the end of the year.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Be safe...but not too safe,


The Holiday Bundle

Just in time for the holidays...a great deal on a great deal of music. My last 4 albums, Change the Ending featuring the single "Me After You," Echo produced by Don Was and featuring Bonnie Raitt on "Death By Perfection,"Fine Upstanding Citizen which includes the single "Red Dress" and "A Home," skillfully covered by the Dixie Chicks and Eve & the Red Delicious, my only acoustic EP. These 4 titles total $55 if you get them all separately but now, because my heart grew two sizes, you can have them all for just $40 until January 1, 2013.

Happy Holidays!


Sick and Tired of the California Sunshine

If you live in Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois or Indiana AG and I are heading your way next week to trade songs, stories and the occasional (mostly friendly) jab.

December 9 - the TOUR DATES tab above for details.

Hope to see you!


The Next Day

Not surprinsingly, the 7 show run with Bonnie Raitt was everything I needed it to, inspiring, soul satisfying, educational (I'm getting new mics) and even, on one day off, relaxing.I think the last time I hung out on a beach with friends I was 12, or maybe 20 (same thing). My band and tour manager and Bonnie's band and crew all had a day off in Melbourne, FL smack in the middle of the tour and 8 of us used the opportunity to play a little 4 on 4 football in the sand. We laughed and laughed and then...we hurt. Not from the contact, from running in the deep soft sand.Like a lobster in a pot, you don't realize what's really happening to your body as you high step then slip back just a little with every step to the ball. It's all fun and games until the next morning when you can't cross your legs without using your arms to lift one leg over the other.Then, you can't get in the car without making 90 year old man noises.Then you squat down to adjust something on your pedal board and you can't get back up for 2 full minutes. Everyone who played, from the gym devotees to the long distance runners to the out of shape ex-athletes (that's me) felt the same way after that day. Totally worth it.

Pictured here from L-R: Linda Taylor (guitars & bg vox), Me, Vanessa Freebairn-Smith (cello and bg vox) and Tim Craven (tour manager & sound engineer). This was taken at the Ryman in Nashville just before the last show of the run. What a fantastic night. We had our best show of the trip in front of that audience rife with talented songwriters, musicians, actors and discerning fans. I love stepping in front of Bonnie's audiences.I'm a Bonnie fan too so we instantly have that in common then I do my thing which of course has been influenced by her THEN she comes out and sits in with me on one of my songs that she recorded. It's surreal. It works. Thank you, Bonnie.

More tour dates are landing all the time including a mid west run in Decemeber, more Bonnie dates in February on the west coast and more StageIt shows scattered throughout. Details coming soon!!



Bonnie Voyage

We fly out tomorrow to join Bonnie Raitt for a string of dates that starts in Clearwater, FL (October 18) and winds its way to The Ryman auditorium in Nashville, TN (October 28). I'd call myself the opening act but Bonnie gets mad at me when I say that and insists that I refer to myself as her special guest. To say I'm looking forward to it is a sub basement understatement. Bonnie brings an ego free confidence, poise and power to her shows that always inspires audiences and special guests alike. She also tends to ask me to sit in so I'm bringing the tenor sax just in case.

Check the TOUR DATES page above for a show near you.

AND...on our days off, my band of Linda Taylor (guitar) and Vanessa Freebairn-Smith (cello) and I will do 2 shows Monday, October 22 (BUY TIX) and Thursday, October 25TH (BUY TIX) that you can see from anywhere! Both start at 5:30pm PDT/8:30pm EDT. Log on to see our show live and unplugged, ask questions, make comments all from the comfort of your own home.

Hope to see you either in person or on the screen!


Change the Ending is Here

The new album is now available everywhere!

Change the Ending at Amazon

The thumbs up are already in from USA Today, NY Daily News, Relix, The Advocate,, Huffington Post and Triple A radio stations across the country.

I hope you enjoy it too,


Pre-Order the Upcoming Art Garfunkel Album

I had the pleasure of producing the two new songs on Art Garfunkel's upcoming double CD "The Singer." It's a must-have retrospective of choice Simon and Garfunkel and solo Art G songs through the years. "Long Way Home," a song of mine and "Lena," a song written by my father, Randy Sharp are the collection's only two new works. I'm telling you all this because it's now available for pre-order!

Russ Kunkel, Leland Sklar, Dean Parks, Linda Taylor, Vanessa Freebairn-Smith, Matt Rollings, Leah Kunkel and engineer, Ryan Freeland all contributed to the Grade A recording experience and downwright good hang.

Thanks for listening!
p.s. pictured L-R Linda Taylor (guitars), Me, Art, Ryan Freeland (engineer)


Just the beginning...The full video that incorporates this movie will be ready for its close up by August 28.


Change the Ending now available on itunes!

The new album, Change the Ending
is now available on iTunes, complete with bonus track...

Get It Here

Thanks for listening,


Hi friends,
"Me After You," the first single from my new album Change the Ending is now available on iTunes!

You can get it here:

The whole album will be available on iTunes July 31 and everywhere August 28.

If you like it, please tell a friend and maybe even your friendly neighborhood TripleA radio station.

It's already been added to more than 20 playlists around the country and we're just getting started.

Hope you enjoy it!


Hear the new single now! (go to the ARTIST page)

June 14, 2012



Lead Single “Me After You” Premieres Today On Sharp’s Website

October Tour Dates With Bonnie Raitt, Who Guests On Two Tracks

On August 28, Blix Street/Crooked Crown Records will release Change The Ending, the new album from acclaimed singer-songwriter-producer Maia Sharp. The record features guest vocals by The Rescue’s Adrianne Gonzales, Garrison Starr, Dawn Thomas and Bonnie Raitt. Sharp will be touring with Raitt in October and can be heard on the nine-time GRAMMY® winner’s new album, Slipstream.

Fans can check out the poignant lead single, “Me After You," beginning today at Sharp will be previewing songs from Change The Ending in a series of shows this summer, beginning this Friday, June 15, when she opens for Melissa Etheridge at Britt Pavilion in Jacksonville, OR. See below for itinerary.

Change The Ending follows Sharp’s 2009 album, Echo. Produced by Don Was, it contained the Top 10 Triple A radio hit “John Q. Lonely” and “Death By Perfection,” which featured Raitt and was tapped by NPR as “Song of the Day.” The new album reaffirms Sharp’s gift for capturing the subtleties and shades of gray that characterize relationships.

Sharp grew up in Los Angeles, where she started playing local clubs while she was still in her teens. She gives a sly wink to her hometown’s most recognized industry with the new album’s cover art – revealed at today. Filmmaking provides the perfect metaphor in the title track, as the narrator considers how a romance might have fared with a little rewrite. “It’s a beautiful story,” she observes ruefully in the chorus, “if you change the ending.”

During the recording sessions, Sharp admits, “We did change the ending a few times – and it was always for the better.” After producing Edwin McCain’s latest album, Mercy Bound, as well as two songs for Art Garfunkel’s upcoming record, she elected to produce Change The Ending herself. She assembled a notable crew of musicians to back her, including guitarist Linda Taylor (Tracy Chapman, Edwin McCain), who often accompanies Sharp on the road, drummer Matt Chamberlain (The Wallflowers, Fiona Apple) and bassist David J. Carpenter (John Doe, Toni Childs).

“I had been working with several other artists on their albums and I was just hooked on that whole feeling, so I decided to produce this album alone,” says Maia. “I had to learn to be my own sounding board because I’d finish a vocal and come out and there was nobody else there to go ‘yeah, that was great’ or ‘you really need to do that again.'But it was a great experience and I learned a lot.”

“Sharp always leads with her heart and comes across as a performer worth getting to know,” said USA Today in a three-star review of Echo while NPR’s “All Things Considered” hailed her as “a songwriter set to arrive” and The Washington Post called her “a sterling up-and-coming talent.”

In addition to her string of acclaimed solo albums and numerous production credits, Sharp is also a sought-after songwriter whose songs have been recorded by Raitt, the Dixie Chicks, Keb’ Mo’, Terri Clark, Cher, Trisha Yearwood and many others.

Maia Sharp – Change The Ending - Track Listing

1. Me After You
2. The Middle
3. Buy My Love
4. I See Cecelia
5. Standing Out In A Crowd
6. Rising
7. Change The Ending
8. Sober
9. Your Stepping Stone
10. The Bed I Made
11. Buy My Love (Remix)

For upcoming shows see TOUR DATES on the navigation bar above

For more information on MAIA SHARP, contact:
Judi Kerr, Judi Kerr Public Relations
(310) 477-8191
or visit:


No Such Thing As A Face For Radio

Radio comes with cameras now to simulcast and cybercast...cybertaneously. It's great for the artist to get this kind of exposure beyond just the immediate geography and I think it helps keep local stations powerful and relevant to their respective cities while reaching infinitely more people with their "signal." In this first week of promotion for Change The Ending, still due out August 28, we performed for a number of these shows. Most were streamed in real time only but the Bing Lounge, taped in Portland, OR at KINK's new and excellent studio in front of a smiling studio audience on their long lunch break is now posted on my Facebook page.

It's all going well and the feedback on the single, "Me After You" has been only positive. The only snag is that my four favorite new shirts are all black with a different emblem in the middle (like the one I'm wearing in the photo with Bonnie a few news items down). My big dude-like plan was to alternate through these favorites and not have to think about what I'm going to wear ever again. Sadly, on camera it looks like I'm wearing the same shirt over and over. I'm not, I promise, but it looks like I am so I actually have to shop now. I don't wanna!


This Friday, June 15 my duo of Linda Taylor and me opens the show for Melissa Etheridge at the Britt Pavilion in Jacksonville, OR.

Next week we're in the southeast with shows in Louisville, Bowling Green, Mobile and Nashville. Check the TOUR DATES for details. Hope to see you out there!




Tomorrow (Wednesday May 30) I'll be live at Room 5 in Los Angeles with my talented friends Adrianne Gonzalez and Garrison Starr accompanied by our one woman band, Linda Taylor. We start at 8:30 and swap songs and stories til 10 as a sneak preview (for you and for us) of our songwriter-in-the-round tour in September.

Promotion for my upcoming album, Change The Ending starts this week! Linda and I will be hitting the road and radio stations throughout CA, OR and ID kicking things off with a live on-air in San Luis Friday and a performance at their song and wine festival Saturday. Songs and wine. Nothing wrong with that.

New shows and live on-air streams are posting all the time. Next Monday we'll be live in studio at KINK's Bing Lounge recorded in Portland, OR but available to stream from anywhere. Please check the TOUR DATES page for details.

More to come, including iTunes and street release dates.

Time to start the engines!



My new album, CHANGE THE ENDING is all shiny and mastered and its artwork is almost finished (I know that not a lot of people still actually buy the entire and physical CD but to those like me who do, you should be rewarded). I'm really looking forward to getting it out into the world and to following it there on tour. New dates are posting all the time with west coast and southeast shows in June, midwest and northeast shows in July and September and then a handful in October as Bonnie Raitt's special guest.

In the meantime, I had the great fortune of producing 2 songs for my absurdly talented, real deal, legendary friend Art Garfunkel. More details to come as they unfold but I will tell you that the band was smokin' (only figuratively as far as I could tell). Russ Kunkel, Leland Sklar, Dean Parks and Linda Taylor tracked with us at Henson and then Matt Rollings, Vanessa Freebairn-Smith and Leah Kunkel iced the dense, tasty cake with piano, cello and vocal goodness respectively.

Can't wait to see these projects-in-the-works come to fruition and to bring the CHANGE THE ENDING songs to you in person one city at a time.

I'm pictured here with Lee Sklar, who may have just charted on my top 10 favorite humans list.

Hope to see you out there,


Bonnie Raitt Is As Cool As You Think She Is

Bonnie Raitt recorded "I Don't Want Anything To Change" beautifully on her last album, Souls Alike and now she is offering a live version of it (with me singing with her) as a "thank you" to her fans. She also wrote a lovely intro to it that has officially made my day. She is a tremendous musician and a great friend.

To download it, you can go to her facebook page, her website at or to my facebook page.

Be sure to pre-order her new album “Slipstream” while you’re at it. I had the honor of singing some background vocals on it so I got a sneaky sneak preview of its serious goodness. Her voice is mercilessly soulful as always. I promise you’ll dig it.

Thanks for listening!


Cayamo Songwriter Cruise

Time to break out the Sea Bands, the Dramamine and only my very best songs. February 5 - 12, 2012 I am booked on the Cayamo Cruise, "A Journey Through Song," from Miami to Cayo Levantado, St. Maarten and St. Bathelemy.

I'll be joining (holy what in the...) John Prine, John Hiatt, Lyle Lovett, Lucinda Williams, Keb' Mo', Richard Thompson, Buddy Miller, Edwin McCain, Loudon Wainwright III, The Civil Wars, Greg Brown, Iris DeMent, James McMurtry, Shawn Mullins, The Belle Brigade, Chuck Cannon, Angie Aparo, Enter the Haggis, Winterbloom, Holly Williams, Shannon McNally, Sarah Lee & Johnny, Aslyn, Sarah Jaffe and more.

The cruise is sold out but you can go to to find out more and get on the waiting list if want to take a shot. It looks pretty fabulous.Well worth getting a little green. At least this year it won't be with jealousy for the seafaring songwriters!


Upcoming Show January 21 - Venue Change

Come on down, up or over to the beautiful Forum Theatre to see a Songwriters in the round (or more like, in the volley). Between the two of us, Randy Sharp (aka dad) and I have had our songs recorded by the Dixie Chicks, Dolly Parton, Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou Harris, Keb Mo, Alabama, Trisha Yearwood, Reba McEntire and more. Come hear the tunes and the stories behind them in this intimate acoustic setting January 21 at 8PM. Go to for tix.

In other news, my new album, still untitled, is almost mixed so we're right on schedule for that Spring release. It's coming together so well, it's got me wagging. I'm thinking of waiting to take pictures for it until after my Cayamo songwriter cruise in February where I'm sure to be seasick the entire time and lose every spare ounce of weight! It's not easy bein' green but I could at least get a svelt cover shot out of it.

Hope to see you in Laguna!


3 Rounds and a Record

The new album is well under way! Hopefully I've been right about when to drive it and when to be the passenger. It's vocal time now...what the countless hours of work to this point have really been all about...but no pressure. So far so good though, I'm still on track for a Spring release.

And in the meantime, I'm playing the next 3 Mondays (Nov 28, Dec 5 & Dec 12) at the Room 5 Lounge in Los Angeles with Adrianne Gonzalez, Garrison Starr and Dawn Thomas, all of whom will lend their distinct vocal stylings to my new album. We're looking forward to taking our already cool thing to an even more familial level. Those are always rich, fun shows. Come down if you can.



Room 5 and New Music

Thanks to those of you who made it out to the Room 5 Lounge in September to see the writers-in-the-round with Adrianne Gonzalez, Garrison Starr and Dawn Thomas. It went so well we're doing it again Friday, November 4 from 9:30 - Midnight! Get ready for harmonies galore and even more mutual accompaniment.

In the meantime, I'll be in the studio the last week in October to track the new album with Matt Chamberlain on drums, David Carpenter on bass and Linda Taylor on Guitars.

I'm ready to get this puppy out!



Mercy Bound

It's official...Edwin McCain's new album Mercy Bound is offically out in the street, basking in the sun, out of the warehouses and trucks and readily available to the (hopefully receptive) public. Phew.

I'm so proud of it. At the end of its first day it's already in iTunes' top 100 overall and gathering lots of good fan reviews.

If you don't already have it, you can sample it at iTunes or at and then, if you dig it, please make it yours. If you dig it so much that you feel like posting a review, "liking" it on facebook and telling your friends about it my feelings wouldn't be even a little hurt.

Thanks for listening,


Cayamo Cruise and a new album

Time to break out the Sea Bands, the Dramamine and only my very best songs. February 5 - 12, 2012 I am booked on the Cayamo Cruise, "A Journey Through Song," from Miami to Cayo Levantado, St. Maarten and St. Bathelemy.

I'll be joining (holy what in the...) Lyle Lovett, John Prine, John Hiatt, Lucinda Williams , Keb' Mo', Richard Thompson, Buddy Miller, Edwin McCain, Loudon Wainwright III, The Civil Wars, Greg Brown, Iris DeMent, James McMurtry, Shawn Mullins, The Belle Brigade, Chuck Cannon, Angie Aparo, Enter the Haggis , Winterbloom, Holly Williams, Shannon McNally, Sarah Lee & Johnny, Aslyn, Sarah Jaffe and more.

The cruise is sold out but you can go to to find out more and get on the waiting list if want to take a shot. It looks pretty fabulous.Well worth getting a little green.At least this year it's not with jealousy for the seafaring songwriters.

In the meantime, I'll be joining Edwin McCain at the Euphoria Food, Wine and Music Festival in Greenville, SC September 22 and 23. Then, I'll be in the studio to make a new album out of the last two years of tunes. I can't wait!

And speaking of Edwin, his new album Mercy Bound hits the streets August 30 and is available now for pre-order.

Keb Mo's album is available as I type!

Both have my tunes on them and both artists brought it in a big way.


A Week on the Road

Hi Friends,
If you're in or near Pittsburgh, Nashville or Asheville this week let's enjoy a bit of the summer together...I'll be with my full band at the Allegheny County Summer Series in Pittsburgh, PA this Friday July 22.Then Saturday I drive (like a bat out of LA) to Nashville to play a Writer-in-the-Round that night at the Bluebird Cafe with two of my all time favorite songwriters, Pam Rose and my dad, Randy Sharp where we'll be accompanied by the absurdly talented Linda Taylor on guitar.Then Sunday morning after a gigantic espresso I head to Asheville, NC to play a house concert on the river aptly named "Maia on the River House Concert" at the home of superhost Lyn McFarland.

Check the TOUR DATES page above for all the details.

In the meantime it's been a very cool couple weeks."Whole Flat World" went for adds at UK radio and is gathering steam thanks to my joint venture label Blix Street Records.I got to sing background vocals on a song for Bonnie Raitt's new album which is still in the works but already beautiful and powerful ala Bonnie with everything you've come to crave. And, Edwin McCain's first single "The Boy Who Cried Love" written by Edwin and me has gone for adds at triple A radio and is getting a big slice of love. Please feel free to request it at your local station.It wouldn't hurt my feelings at all if you did that.

The picture shown here is Emmett with his "suitcase face," the one he makes when he knows I'm leaving.

Hope to see you out there this week. Either way, have a good one!


Keb, Adrianne and Vanessa

Hi Friends,
Just wanted to share a few timely updates...Keb' Mo's upcoming release, The Reflection, featuring our song "All The Way" was the top Mover and Shaker in Music last week on It comes out August 2 but as so many did to help it move and shake like this, you can pre-order it now.

Next Wednesday, June 29 I'll be sitting in on keyboards and background vocals with my friend and co-writer fave, Adrianne Gonzalez at Room 5 in Los Angeles. She just told me we're going to do the brand spanking new song we finished TODAY.Eek! Hope you can make it. It'll be a night of great music and her voice is magic.

Speaking of Los Angeles, I'll be at Largo in LA opening for Vanessa Carlton Friday July 8. The show starts at 8pm and for this one I'll be a trio with Linda Taylor on guitar and Vanessa Freebairn-Smith on cello. Go to for tickets.

Hope to see you around!


New Website, Keb' and Edwin

It's a strange feeling now to NOT have a show on a Tuesday. Big thanks to my Moveable Feast band, to Hotel Cafe and to the very cool group of people who made it out in May, some even to multiple shows. I had a really good time and I got to try-by-fire a bunch of new songs and further refine the plan for my next album. The timing of that is dependent on how my last album, Echo is received in the UK. Thanks to our joint venture label, Blix Street Records, "Whole Flat World" is going for adds at UK radio June 20. If they love it, I go over there and try to stoke the ember. If they don't get it, I make another album. I'm shaking the Eight Ball to see what it says (the children's toy, not the really illegal drug).

I hope you're enjoying the clarity and ease of the new web site. I've added a few new shows in Pittsburgh, Nashville and Asheville. Check out the TOUR DATES page for more details.

In other news, Keb Mo's new album, The Reflection, due out August 2 on Ryko has a song on it that Keb' and I wrote together called "All the Way." It's a fun one and he's seriously bringing the slink and personality.

And last week while Edwin McCain was in town we finished two bonus tracks for his upcoming album, Mercy Bound, due out August 29 on 429 Records. We think they'll be available as an incentive to buy the whole album at once and not just song by song. More details when I know them. In the meantime I'll be sitting in with him in Visalia, CA at the Visalia Fox Theater this Saturday, June 11.

Talk to you soon,


Maia Sharp and Moveable Feast

The first three weeks of our Hotel Cafe residency have been everything I wanted them to songs seeing the light of day, old songs getting a new twist and all of it in a room full of friends and friendly fans. We've had special guests Adrianne Gonzalez from the Rescues, cellist Vanessa Freebairn-Smith, Canadian Idol finalist Donny Anderson and just last night, Edwin McCain doing a few of our co-written songs from his new album "Mercy Bound" due out this August. If you are in or near Los Angeles Tuesday, May 31 we will be back at Hotel Cafe at 8 pm to do our "best of" the month and the last show of my "Moveable Feast" residency. Again, anything could happen...

Please go to for tix.

Welcome to the new web site! We are up and running and feeling so brand new, to quote 2 or 3 Madonna songs. Revamping forced me to go back and listen through my songs covered by other artists and my own albums, some of which I haven't visited in years. I was fondly reminded of Soraya, a profoundly talented singer, songwriter, musician and good human who died of breast cancer in 2006 at age 37. Listening through also made me realize how many of the songs that have found the light of day were either written at Miles Copeland's castle retreat or are some indirect result of my 8 trips to it. That's where, surreally, I met and worked with Carole King, Lisa Loeb, Kim Richey, Jane Siberry, The Go-Gos, The Bangles, Paul Carrack, Howard Jones, Jules Shear, Soraya, Stewart Copeland and many others including Billy Mann who had the seemingly random idea to bring Buddy Mondlock and me together with Art Garfunkel to write, record and tour. It turned out to be completely logical and beautiful. Random like a fox. Speaking of...I recently got to reconnect with Art's Britishly hilarious and skillful house sound man, Stuart Breed on the road in upstate NY where he dialed in the rock star halo at the Philipstown Depot Theater. Between tours I've been producing (Edwin McCain, Donny Anderson, Melanie Martel and Jenifer Freebairn), responding to 911 background vocal calls from my friend and Echo producer, Don Was and trying to stay current with recordings of my own new songs. But now it's time to think about the set list for the last "Moveable Feast" show. Hope to see you out there!