“Maia Sharp has had her compositions recorded by the likes of the Dixie Chicks, Bonnie Raitt, Cher, Keb’ Mo’, Trisha Yearwood, and many more, but even more impressive is the body of recorded work she’s amassed on her own as a solo artist...[a] songwriter of grace and taste, she has an uncanny knack for subtle, simple poetry and an ear for a tremendous hook, all of which are on display on the title track from her upcoming sixth album The Dash Between the Dates.”
– PopMatters

“Maia Sharp is a gifted songwriter whose songs have been recorded by a long list of performers...Fans on both sides of the microphone know she has an uncanny knack for cutting straight to the heart of complex emotional issues in her lyrics.”
– Chicago Sun-Times

“‘The Dash Between the Dates’ (eOne Music) may be her most accomplished set of work yet – the full package of melodies, lyrics and earthy soul that brought her to the attention of world-renowned fellow musicians in the first place.”
 – Patriot Ledger

“The 12-song album showcases Sharp’s vivid lyrical insight, infectious melodic sensibility and soulful vocal grit.”
– Burlington Journal Times

“This outstanding singer-songwriter returns with one of her finest albums. Sharp seems to have an infinite ability to conjure up magical melodies. And her lyrics are eloquently expressed...Filled with memorable songs and strong, convincing vocals, this is an album you should dash out to get.”
– PopCultureClassics.com

“We think there should be nothing but this song on the radio! Maia Sharp’s infectious new single ‘Nothing But The Radio On’ captures you with its constant beat and catchy pop hook.  You can’t help but be drawn into the melody and sing along.
– Curve

“a masterful collection of songs...the material on this album possesses a vibrant, insightful wisdom that the artist has coupled with a wide variety of intriguing and addictive grooves. The Dash Between the Dates is a   definite high point in Maia’s already exemplary  career.”
– AXS.com

“‘Nothing but the Radio’...is pop gold, with an infectious hook and fun, thinly veiled suggestive lyrics...Another standout track on the ‘Dash’ record is the song ‘Maybe Tonight’ [co-written with and featuring Dave Stewart].”
– Maine Today

“The thing that stands out once again is Sharp’s keen sense of melody, from the snappy start up of  “Nothing But the Radio”, to the lightly lilting “You Know Where I’ll Be”, and the meditative contentment of “I Don’t Want Anything to Change.”  
– PopMatters

“The first single to Sharp’s The Dash Between the Dates is the sizzling ‘Nothing but the Radio.’ The upbeat and delightfully provocative track hums with jubilant desire. The song is a genre-crossing potential number one hit that, like the singer, is just waiting for that careful or reckless rendezvous (preferably the second) that will change everything. Maia radiates such an irresistible snarky beauty on this track that it’s impossible not to be swept away by her inspired wordplay and succumb to her crafty musical seduction.”
– AXS.com

“You might like if you enjoy: Grace Potter, Vonda Shepard, Bonnie Raitt...[Maia Sharp is a] singer-songwriter of incredible depth, it’s no wonder that the rest of the world seems to fade away when listening to Maia Sharp’s latest album “The Dash Between The Dates.” Confessional, intelligent and lush arrangements of original songs probing life’s far-flung corners fill the 12-song disc. The soulful infectious lead-off track “Nothing But The Radio” is a romantically-charged tune adorned with a full horn section, the tender “Underneath” takes a introspective look at understanding one’s self with thrilling beauty.”
– MusicNewsNashville.com

"Maia Sharp conjures the allure of yesteryears Brill Building luminaries....Sharp wields her crisp,
alluring choruses like a temptress; listeners will surely be ensnared. Her tear-soaked lyrics and
high-cresting melody conspire for a finely crafted lesson on invincible pop."
– Billboard 

“One of the smartest songwriters out there.”
– Performing Songwriter

“Maia Sharp: A Songwriter Set To Arrive”
– NPR’s “All Things Considered”

“Maia Sharp is a compelling swirl of poignancy, groove, wit, and brilliance. She is the consummate artist, effortlessly blending heart, soul, and mind into riveting vignettes that truly engage and move not only her fans, but some of the most iconic names in music, as well. In short, she is the archetypal songwriter’s songwriter.” 
– AXS.com

“Her songs have been recorded by such artists as Bonnie Raitt, The Dixie Chicks, Cher, Trisha Yearwood, Paul Carrack, Kathy Mattea, Edwin McCain and Mindy Smith. But none can top Sharp’s interpretations of her own material.”
– PopCultureClassics.com

“A nifty power-pop record that could be her breakthrough...studded with hard-to-resist
hooks, ‘Echo’ trades the folk and jazz elements that colored Sharp’s earlier records for a
rocked-up take on the classic California singer-songwriter sound.”
– Boston Herald

“4 Stars - As the album title foreshadows, by the end, her acknowledgement of human flaws
rings like an all-encompassing echo. But it doesn’t feel heavy, because each song is carried
by hooky, instantly pleasing melodies with appealing, sophisticated chords underneath.”
– American Songwriter

“3 Stars!! – Sharp and Clear…..at her most clever, Sharp always leads with her heart and
comes across as a performer worth getting to know.”
– USA Today

“A sterling up-and-coming talent”
–The Washington Post

“Sharp delivers a dozen signature songs propelled by Don Was’ rocking
production…..beginning with the guitar anthem “Polite Society” and ending with the chilling self-
referential “The Girl on Her Way,” Sharp’s deft turns of phrase and consequential melodies are
mirrored in the stoic intimacy of her plaintive vocals”
– Music Connection

“...her finest release to date. An album whose rootsy songwriter pop crackles with shrewd
insight, keen writing and a strong dose of carpe diem.”
– Nashville Scene

“The songs [on Echo] reveal a woman with a richly mature sound, a distinctive edge and a
superb voice...Sharp's melodies are consistently engaging and her lyrics are clever...in a smart
fashion that reveals more provocative layers with each repeated listen.”
– The Springfield Republican

“The album is home to 12 striking songs, and Sharp has never sounded better.”
– Portland Press Herald

“Performing as a duo, Sharp combined a strong voice, playing acoustic guitar and keyboards for
an evening of enjoyable music. Sharp demonstrated that she was way more than just another
– Standard Time (Boston, MA)

“With Echo, Sharp appears to have changed her status from respected songwriter to solo artist
with a bullet...”
– Birmingham News

"Maia is making some of the most innovative and soulful music around with songs that are head
and shoulders above the rest. She has become one of my favorite artists….a brilliant album,
start to finish."
– Bonnie Raitt

"Maia Sharp is one of America's great singer-songwriters. Her storytelling runs profound and
deep while honoring a pop tradition that urges you to sing along and feel good. Maia sings with
an angelic voice that's shrouded in stark realism and a healthy dose of cynicism.....it's an exotic
– Don Was

"I have never heard a better collection of songs. They just stick in my head"
– Jim Keltner

“A potpourri of pop, country and rock with hints of jazz, mixing banjos and mandolins with
cellos and violas to produce a sound that’s polished without being slick. Sharp’s free-wheeling
approach recalls the spirit of Dylan’s pre-motorcycle crash songs.”
– No Depression

[about Maia's debut album, Hardly Glamour] "Maia's CD is absolutely wonderful. I'm so glad I
got to write with her. Maia is an old soul and a new friend."
– Carole King

"Maia Sharp is a musician's musician- her songs have the harmonic twists and turns that always
kill me, her voice gets to my very heart and soul, and she still manages to deliver those classic,
fabulous hooks."
– Jonatha Brooke

"In the tradition of great female artists, Karla Bonoff, Bonnie Raitt, Christine McVie, Shawn
Colvin, Sarah McLachlan....now enter Maia Sharp."
– Art Garfunkel

“Maia Sharp reminds listeners of her prodigious talents as a pop songwriter on the new
CD ‘Echo,’ a melodious blast produced by the great Don Was, anchored by master drummer
Jim Keltner and featuring a cool cameo by Bonnie Raitt...”
– Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Maia has one of the most soulful and unique voices I've heard. She is a true artist, a great
songwriter, and plays a mean saxophone!"
– Terri Clark

"There is a string attached to Maia Sharp's voice. And when she sings, you find that the other
end is attached to your gut. Her voice is lush and sensual and the emotions she articulates
resonate with the small feelings we have that sometimes are hard to face..there is an edge to
her songs, but also a softness...she is lyrical and conversational at the same time. Her CD was
the only one in my machine for a month. Her work inspires me to dig deeper."
– Kathy Mattea